Robert G. Lewis
M.Ed., M.S.W., L.I.C.S.W
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Robert G. Lewis Consulting Services
To keep our promise of a permanent family for every child

Child Welfare Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, and Writer
Expertise: Incorporating Permanence
Real safety and well-being can only be achieved through permanence

  • Assessment of programmatic and staff needs
  • Training based on identified need
  • Consultation on policy, practice and implementation
  • Re-training based in specific practice especially in areas of difficulty, hesitation and/or resistance
  • Case consultation to demonstrate principles, methods and practices

Consultation and Program Development:

  • Unique: Just-in-time case consultation Consultation for supervision, individual cases, development and planningfollowing training or separately, using live, WebEx online meeting space as needed for workers & supervisors or teams to identify concrete next steps.
  • Recorded WebEx meeting sessions where participants can return to for refreshers as needed
  • Recorded case consulting services
  • Work with management and program coordinators, social work staff, caregivers and/or teams to incorporate individual case and program-wide permanence tools.
  • Case consultation to address "permanence fatigue"
  • Case and programatic consultation to follow up permanence training for staff, children and families
  • Consultation to incorporate new practice to enhance permanence outcomes
  • Consultations for programs, staff, children and families
  • Demonstration/modeling work with youth, staff and parents
  • Consultation and training for working with families


Assessment of Program Effectiveness

  • Identification of policies, practices that impact permanence
  • Work with families, youth, managers, supervisors, social workers to identify programmatic needs

Preparing Children & Youth for Permanence

  • day workshop: "How to Talk to Children and Youth about Permanence"
  • day workshop:" Getting Beyond "No": Loyalty Issues - Persistence, Respect and Engagement"
  • Also New 1 day workshop: Engaging Staff and Children and Youth using "Seeing the Voices of Children & Youth: Setting the Record Straight" in The Video Project and 10 follow on remote consulting sessions.
    Endorsed by The Children's Bureau Express
  • day workshop: "Preparing Children and Youth for Permanence"

The Family Bound Program training for group leaders

  • 1 day: Introduction to the curriculum including direct practice of all nine sessions.
  • 2 day: Day one, plus training on recruitment and incorporation of families into the program

Custom designed workshops covering the whole "Continuum of Permanence"

  • 1 or 2 day workshop developed in consultation with individual agencies to address their unique challenges
  • 1 or 2 day training focused on any topic in the continuum of permanence coupled with hands-on practice

Adolescents & Families for Life: A Toolkit For Supervisors
The Family Bound Program: A Toolkit for Preparing Teens for Permanent Family Connections
Families for Teens: A Toolkit for Focusing, Educating and Motivating Staff (available electronically and hard copy)
Engaging Youth & Those Around Them In the Process of Permanence: Click here to download a free copy

What do you Think? A forum of ideas for practice.

Keynotes, plenary, groups of every size

$2,500 per day (2 day minimum)
The second day may be used for "Just-in-time" consultation
Rates may be negotiable based on length of contract