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Below is a developing list of links to a number of videos on permanence. These videos were produced by me and by the Judicial Council of California, the Arizona Department of Economic Security,the Adoptive Families Association of British Columbia, New York City Administration for Children's Services and others. I always appreciate your feedback. Click on the link to download the video.
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Why Do It?!

Session 1: Introduction to the camera & the project

Session 2: Before I Came Into Care...

Session 3: The Day I Came Into Foster Care...

Session 4a: In Foster Care ...

Session 4b: In Foster Care... (Contd)

Session 5: It's Really Like This...

Session 6: In The Future I Hope...


What Does Permanency Mean?

I've Got a Live One Here

Building a Child's Network

Concurrent Planning

Older Kids Already Have Connections

Readiness For Change

Reasonable Efforts: Beginning, Middle and End

Investing Now or Later

The Teflon Touch

Ways to Engage Youth

How to Talk to Teens

The Trap Doors

Recruitment is Everyone's Business

Nobody Wants Me

Promises We Make

Permanence as Intuitive as Safety


Essentials of Development for Success

"Xiao Mei Mei" (relationships with birth parents)

Shared Parenting

Staff Turnover

3 Concrete Next Steps

Preparing Kids for Permanence


What Does the Future Look Like?

Why Permanence?

Using the Media for Recruitment

Preparing Teens for (re)Connection

Talking With Teens

Finding and Engaging a Youth's Network

Family Visiting: Planning Visitation to Meet the Needs of Children and Families

Child's Understanding of Shared Parenting

Connections Among All the Parents

The Importance of Visiting to Children

What About Reactions to Visits?

Video Project Quicktime