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 Talking … is more Listening



Curriculum Files for you to Download, Print and use.

Engaging Youth &
 Those Around Them
In the Process of Permanence

A training program you can download and use immediately

1. Curriculum cover
2. Inner Cover
3. Goals & Objectives
4. Trainers' Intro
5. Talking with Youth guide
6. Preparing Everyone
7. Talking with Youth PowerPoint
8. Preparing Everyone PowerPoint
9. Handouts available on request: Bob@RGLewis.com

Topics covered

Making the case for permanency, common objections and the definition

A quick survey of the needs of the specific group of trainers and supervisors

Talking with teens about permanency  

Teen developmental issues and needs

How to ask the right questions of teens

When to talk with them about permanency

Updating teens on progress towards permanency with specific people

Talking with youth who oppose permanency or are ambivalent about it

SWs fears and beliefs, for example: I dont want to upset her. Shes been disappointed so many times, and I dont want to tell him because his behavior will deteriorate in his current placement.

Involving teens in finding permanence

Working with those adults around the youth, professional, paraprofessional, family and friends. Creating and using a helping networks to support permanence

Where to look for permanence possibilities

How to talk to the potential support or connection

What to focus on in the first contact: support and finding out more, not ruling out the call because someone may be an unsuitable permanence resource. 

Making contact with a potential adult support

Checklists for SW and supervisor on key questions to ask themselves

Incorporating this material into your work; not more work, different work

Moving a case forward

Handouts for the training:


10 Task of Adolescence from "Raising Teens"

Permanence is for the Future Case Scenarios

Comparison Chart

Communication Tips

images/March 2005/New_Folder/06HO Tips related to expressing anger.doc

Creating a Family Network Diagram and Eco-Map for your Family

Remembered People Chart from Adol. & Families for Life

Key Questions booklet

Preparing Youth for Television, Internet or Other Forms of Recruitment:

Tent card for Caretakers

Families for Teens

Families for Teens (ACS, NYC)

Handout cover

images/March 2005/New_Folder/HO Blank Eco Map.pdf

 When the youth says NO Persist

 When the youth says NO Persistence exercise

Preparing Youth for Television, Internet or Other Forms of Recruitment:

Remembered People Chart


Reverse Form Exercise from Adolescents and Families for Life

Tips for Family Team Meetings

Youth Centered Family Group Conference

Name Tent for Parents-Relatives

Name Tent for Professionals

Evaluation Form for Talking with Teens...

Talking with Youth: Listening with Your Heart
Is the PowerPoint presentation for the first section.

Preparing Everyone: Assuming the Best, Building on Strengths
is day two's PowerPoint presentation.

The whole curriculum was first developed for the Administration for Children's Services of NYC in 2003